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Puška za podvodni ribolov Omer Cayman HF. camu 3d .

Akcija -11%
Camu 3d 95
Redovna cena:27.000,00 RSD
Cena:24.000,00 RSD
Ušteda:3.000,00 RSD (11%)
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The product is based on hydroforming technology which is a science to manufacture metal components using high pressure to add strength to the product..

OMER is the first to use this technology in the world of spearguns.

OMER Cayman HF CAMU 3D Camouflage Speargun is built on this equipment with a cuttlefish bone size giving it noticeable mass and making it more rigid.

This cuttlefish bone shape of the spearguns helps users to drag the speargun with less effort and track it easily. This system is designed to keep the shaft on its straight path during shooting.

Basic features of OMER Cayman HF CAMU 3D Camouflage Speargun

  • Handle- It comes with Cayman handle that is adjacent to its shaft. Its handle is a new trademark of this Camouflage version with its innovative features.
  • Barrel- This version also comes with its unique aluminium barrel.
  • Muzzle- Comes with Open muzzle for circular rubbers around 18mm. The top of this muzzle is made by stainless steel and is removable. It permits the use of a double or single circular sling.
  • OMER Cayman HF CAMU 3D Camouflage Speargun is made by heat transfer that makes it highly resistant. It comes with 6.5 mm streak and a single power 18mm circular sling.
  • The product is fitted with weight system in the muzzle to equalize its floatability.




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