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Mares viper pro size 90cm

Mares viper pro puska
Cena:29.900,00 RSD
Prosek: 4.7 (6 glasova)



  • Rigid anodized aluminum barrel with upper shaft guide and lower line guide
  • Open muzzle configuration, with off-axis holes
  • Highly sensitive trigger mechanism in a reversed position
  • Stainless steel side line release
  • Distance between trigger and handle can be customized
  • Preformed handle with new high-functionality anatomic grip
  • Variable deformation reinforced loading pad
  • Shaft speed: 6.5 mm single barb tahitian shaft
  • 17.5 mm S-power Speed Circular Sling with Dyneema® wishbone
  • Includes Spiro Vertical Reel


Diameter: 28mm
Shaft : ⌀ 6.5mm, length / 140 cm
S-Power Speed: guma ⌀ 17.5mm, length 65 cm
Vertical Spiro Reel size: 65
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